Why DPRH & Associates?

We understand our clients

We believe in understanding you by knowing your business, your management team, the market share etc.  We have a team of skilled professionals who do their research about our clients after which we hold discussions with client’s to understand their expectations and how to meet those expectations.  No knowledge will be lost and no time will be wasted even in transition. The benefit to our clients is simple and strong.

Strong Team

In building our team we challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible client experience with the right combination of skills, understanding and practice.  We follow top-down approach in knowledge transfer and to build a strong team to cater all our client requirements.

Rapid response. No surprises.

Our team will work with you, wherever you are and in the way you want, to deliver the right result. We will anticipate and resolve emerging matters before they become issues. Our team will hold continuous discussions with you to help ensure that all issues are raised, discussed and resolved proactively. The result will be a rapid response and minimal last-minute surprises.

Because of the quality of our leaders, knowledge we’ve gained and our experience, we are best placed to commit to a no surprises approach to all issues. 

Profile & experience

Our team is experienced  to provide complete range of consulting services in the field of accounting, assurance, regulatory, secretarial and taxation; also provide range of advisory services for setting up of businesses in India along with expert opinion on direct tax, indirect tax, FEMA, corporate laws and other business laws by leveraging our domain and business expertise. 

Our strategic alliances with leading consulting service providers helps providing cost-effective and high-value services to our clients.

Value from our work

Our charges are realistic and competitive with no compromise in the quality of service.

Maintaining independence

Our independence, integrity and objectivity are the cornerstones of our Company and we are committed to being, and being seen to be, independent. We will ensure that we are completely independent.